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datamining in the euA lot of companies in the EU have had a huge success using data mining to find the hidden “gold” in their seemingly random data. By transfering the data to a data warehouse and using advanced data mining software or business intelligence you can often find patterns in these data which can be used in various ways. More and more companies around europe have started to implement data mining or OLAP tools in their business in order to get the most possible information form their various data sources and using these data to optimize their company in various ways in order to do dashboarding, reporting analytics, trendspotting and so on. Especially reporting and analytics have become pretty popular these days instead of just calling it all business intelligence or bi reporting. Another thing within reporting that more and more companies have started to focus on is dashboard. A dashboard is usually a bunch of costume graphs where you can monitor performance within a specific area usually based on real time data. Making it pretty easy for companies to see how their main products or services are performing. An example of a dashboard could be that a sales company got a top 10 of their best selling products and which are their top salesmen. This could help create a little extra competition and make people work harder to be on that top 10 list.

Data Mining is something most larger companies with some respect for themselves are using, and each day more and more companies are installing some type of decision support system or business intelligence software in order to get the most our of the various data they store. And since all the data are already there, it’s a pity not to take advantage of them and use these hard earned data to improve your business with tools such as business intelligence software or decision support systems. Tools which can easily be implemented into your current ERP system which most larger companies already use. Some of the sites deal with ERP systems or Dashboard and Reporting, others with various BI systems or data mining software.

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